Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Save the Date: November 11th Veteran's Day

A Matter of Honor - Traverse City Presents:
Jonathan Shay, MD, PhD. author, Physician, scholar and Humanitarian
Winner of the MacArthur Foundation award for his groundbreaking work in PTSD
Coming to Traverse City to address Moral Injury

November 9-11, 2014
Check the website for details:  www.amoh.us

Author of: Achilles in Vietnam,  Flashback: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, and the Lessons of War, Odysseus in America, Combat Stress Injury: Theory, Research, and Management.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Are You Overwelmed?

How Physical Sensations Can Lead You Back to Mind and Body Ease 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Free online Training in PTSD begins today

Education Series Launches March 20
Every Thursday at 11:30 A.M. EST for Nine Weeks
Presented by the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program, in collaboration with the VA's National Center for PTSD, this online series is a continuation of the 2012 and 2013 War Zone series that attracted more than 8,700 clinicians nationwide. Of those participants 88% said they know more and feel better prepared to address the mental health needs of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.

The 2014 From the War Zone to the Home Front series comprises nine free, CME/CE-certified, one-hour educational sessions that can be viewed live or on-demand. Faculty includes renowned national experts from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the VA's National Center for PTSD, Dartmouth Medical School, and more. The series contains all-new content on many aspects of working with veterans and their family members, on such topics as
Physical health after deployment (diabetes, cardiac, pain)
Reproductive mental health for female veterans
Complimentary therapy for PTSD and TBI
Veterans on campus
Building resilience in military-connected children and more
Date Created: 03/13/2014
Time to Complete: 9 1-hour trainings
Credits: APA, ACCME, Other Orgs
Skill Level: Basic
Course Series: From the War Zone to the Home Front

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meditation and Hypnosis

Meditation is a wonderful thing and quite like the experience of hypnosis.

Jon Kabat - Zinn, Ph.D., neuro-scientist, University of Massachusett Medical School found meditation shifts brain activity from the right frontal cortex, which is more active when a person experiences stress, to the left frontal cortex, which is more active when a person is calm. This shift decreases the negative effects of stress and mild depression and anxiety.

Dr. Adrian White, University of Exeter, showed people who meditate have increased electrical activity in the frontal cortex, which indicates they are experiencing lower anxiety and a more positive mentall state. Meditation also reduces activity in the amygdala where the brain produces fear.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stop Smoking Success !

Hello Amelia,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you, as it has now been a year and a half since I have had a cigarette!  Before setting up our first appointment, I thought the cost of your treatment was a lot of money.  Well, I'm proud to say that the treatment paid for itself in the first TWO MONTHS I quit buying a pack of cigarettes a day!  I have been around smokers while they're having a cigarette, I drive all over the state on a regular basis (used to smoke in my car), even when having a drinks, and still have not had a single urge!  I know this may not be the case with some folks, as it may take a few of the sessions, but I smoked for close to 20 years and it truly is amazing to me how I feel like I was never a smoker.

Thank you so much!

Brian Irwin
Traverse City, MI

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fear of the Dentist: How Hypnosis Can Make It Better

Fear of the Dentist: How Hypnosis can make it better.

Do you have a Fear of the Dentist? 

I did. In the past all I needed to do was walk in and sit in the dentist chair and I would break out in a full body sweat. I would involuntarily grip the arm rests of the chair with my fingernails.

Now I walk in sit down and relax for the next hour. I utilize the simple calming techniques I utilize in the Hypnotherapy I practice. When I have a procedure: teeth cleaning, crown, etc. I utilize one of my hypnosis recordings to relax further, while cooperating with the dentist and dental procedure. My experience is much more pleasant and relaxing. The procedure seems to fly by. The crown was and hour and forty minutes, with use of the recording I thought I was in the chair just forty minutes. It was more relaxing than a cleaning.

Still need convincing? Check out these two videos on dental hypnosis:

Dentist and Hypnotherapist Dr. David Grayson discusses dentistry and hypnosis on the Cablevision TV program "To Your Health" with Dr. Derrick DeSilva. Published on Jun 28, 2012


Scaling and root planing procedure with hypnosis as analgesia


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Neale Donald Walsh

Recently, I watched two hypnotists move out of their comfort zone. Braving natural anxiety, they opened doors to new personally and financially rewarding work.  Their joy showed me there is nothing like that high we get when we overcome fear and reach our goal!
          But it's scary to move out of our comfort zone. It takes courage to try something new, so Courage is essential to grow and change.  It's the irrational or self-limiting beliefs that are the barriers to being where we want to be or from being be who we wish to be. Here are some thoughts about blowing through barriers to reach that high by tapping into your courage.
  •   Evaluation:  Ask yourself, "Do I really believe this activity is worth doing despite any discomfort I might experience? Doubts will equal self- sabotage. 
  •  Resolve ambivalence:  Accept there is usually a cost for a reward.  What is truly free?   Ask; "What am I willing to risk or give up to do this?"
  •  Create a new goal and mental picture: Imagine the goal as if it is already completed. See, feel experience what will it is like. How you feel? Who benefits?  Set the dates for completion of each
Now if ready to "own the package"? Take off!  Move forward!  Take action.
  • Immerse yourself in the project---even if it is only an hour a day, make your effort consistent.
  • Become an expert---Expand your knowledge; UTUBE AND INTERNET are good sources.
  •  Make it yours---Use it, talk about it until it is incorporated in your thoughts.
  • Actively seek mentors, even if by email! Most experts happily share their knowledge.
  • Perhaps a partner would be helpful in your endeavor? Determine who can help you.
  •  Then apply action to achieving each step. Check off each completed goal on a check list.

And when (not if) a potential barrier pops up, problem solve and motivate yourself with thoughts of all the benefits you and others will receive.  Then as Winston Churchill said,
"Success is not final. Failure is not final.
It is the courage to continue that counts."
Reach inside, kindle that spark of courage and fill your thoughts with the joy ofsharing your skill. 

Pat Pearson, MA, C.Ht, CI. / [headdr5000@aol.com]
Michigan NGH Chapter President